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At Mystery Evaluators, we know that customer service has been a basic human interaction since the first marketplace was created two thousand years ago. We take seriously our responsibility to help clients deliver the best possible service to their customers – and thereby to improve the lives of everyone touched by these interactions.

See The Difference

  • We consistently exceed our clients' expectations. Mystery Evaluators' mystery shop error rate is close to non-existent and our completion rate is 100%. Guaranteed.
  • We're operators. We think like store managers when it comes to improving customer service. We're driven by a true passion for achieving results while adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry.
  • Everyone at Mystery Evaluators - including our owner and CEO - is very involved in the hands-on, day-to-day operations of the company.

Who are we?

Our philosophy of business and the strong character of our principal management team are the primary distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from the competition. In fact, we believe this sets us above most companies today. All of the principals at Mystery Evaluators are perfectionists, immensely detail-oriented, highly ethical, and share an unshakeable commitment to the work we perform and the partnerships we develop.

At Mystery Evaluators, we don't make promises we cannot keep, we work hard and long, we respond quickly, and we develop strong and enduring relationships with our clients.

Creating A Difference

  • First company to link mystery shop data to other research data.
  • First to dissect moments of truth that drive differentiation.
  • First to provide extensive story-like narrative to frame the experience beyond numeric scoring.
  • Continue to develop new areas of research, analytics, technology and integrated customer feedback programs.

Quality Field Representatives

We understand that our field representatives (shoppers, auditors, and exit interviewers) are also our clients and very valuable to our company. Our field force exceeds 500,000, and we have many more applicants waiting in the wings. We have coverage in all 50 states, throuhgout US, and in Europe. Ask a mystery shopper which company's shops are most desirable, and you'll likely hear "Mystery Evaluators" as the answer!

Many companies subcontract the field representative hiring, scheduling, and even the quality editing processes. None of those subcontractors can match Mystery Evaluators' quality or replace the value of the personal connections we have with our field representatives. Using our own people allows us to maintain superior quality control over our entire process, solution, and operation.