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Few things are more motivating for employees than being publicly recognized and rewarded for a job well done. Employee rewards programs are an effective and efficient way to quickly generate positive changes in employee behavior that customers will surely notice.

Incentive mystery shops reward employees on the spot for excellent performance. When employees know there is a chance they can win prizes for demonstrating goal behaviors, employee engagement and customer service go up across the board.

Consider an employee hoping to be evaluated by a mystery shopper in order to show off his or her selling skills. That employee might spend all week wowing customers in the hopes that one will be the mystery shopper. Sure enough, the 100th customer ends up being the mystery shopper and the employee is immediately rewarded with a $25 gift card for mentioning your new promotion or suggestive selling a high-margin item. The employee is happy because of the public recognition and for receiving a modest prize.

The real value to the business is that the employee has now established the habit of consistently exhibiting stellar selling behaviors while providing every customer with excellent service

The power of intermittent reinforcement and incentives to shape behavior is evident all around us. Children craving attention, fishermen waiting for the “big one,” and gamblers at slot machines all perform behaviors hoping that the next time will produce the reward.

The same principle applies to a reward/incentive shop program, and the fact that “the house always wins” is a great deal when your “house” includes employees, customers, and shareholders!